20 Jan

Consciousness as Formal Self-Reference

By Adam Lowet My previous two articles sought to explain and prove the central tenet of cognitive science, namely, that the brain is a computational device. It might seem, however, that accepting this...

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20 Jan

Folk Psychology: how do we know what other people are thinking

By Tara Venkatesan We are all mind readers. Seriously though! We understand how other people think and we can predict their emotions and actions even before they execute behaviour. We understand others...

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20 Jan

A Society of Cooperation

By Tara Venkatesan Game Theory a type of non-zero-sum game. It’s best characterized by the prisoner’s dilemma which works as follows: Suppose two friends, Dave and Henry, are...

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20 Jan

Experimental Evidence for Computation

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08 Jan

CogSci Connects Singapore 2013

Organised by students of ACSI and NUS, CogSci Connects is the first student-led conference in Asia to promote awareness of the Cognitive Sciences and its opportunities in Asia and around the world. Brain Research encompassing the interdisciplinary fields of cognitive and neuroscience is transforming the world in the 21st century. The Cognitive Science, a true bridge between Liberal Arts and the Sciences is at the confluence of variety of academic studies in psychology, anthropology, computer science...

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CogSci Connects is an education platform on a mission to excite, educate and entertain young people about cognitive science. Through student created blogs, documentaries, forums and events, we want to encourage brain science literacywhich is essential for competing in any field in the 21st century, be it music, medicine, education, entertainment or entrepreneurship. So far, we have reached out...

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